Desert Safari in Jaisalmer and Bikaner

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer and Bikaner


Desert Safari in Jaisalmer and Bikaner The most common place for Desert safaris in  India is within the desert around Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan. to own the best expertise, it is vital to contemplate that location is most fitted for you. Most tourists head to the sam sand dunes, that are unappealingly industrial and crowded these days. The sand dunes close to Khuri village in Desert parkland ar a lot of peaceful however have begun to attract their share of tourists.

If you book a camel Safari package from Jaisalmer, it'll possibly embrace a stop at abandoned Kuldhara village on the way to sam, Bikaner, additionally in Rajasthan, is another common choice for Desert safaris. However, the desert is obscurity close to as spectacular as Jaisalmer. you will be unsuccessful if you go there expecting undulating sand dunes as a result of they now not exist. Instead, the safaris typically specialize in visiting isolated desert villages. Great even-toed ungulate safaris will be done at lesser-known Osian (about AN hour and a 0.5 north of Jodhpur on the thanks to Bikaner. The interesting temples at Osian ar an added attraction. choice within the desert at Khiyansariya (between Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner).

If heading to sam, you can arrive by 4 p.m. and negotiate your even-toed ungulate safari directly with the camps there (they're all set in a row). On a regular evening safari, you will pay sunset in the sand dunes and come back to the camp for dinner and a cultural program, before going for Jaisalmer at regarding nine.30 p.m. If you really wish to go off the crushed path and have country expertise, far from the tourer trail, strive Saroj Holidays agency in Jaisalmer. & Garh Rajputana Camps they'll take you a long camel safari out towards Barmer, sleeping under the stars on army bedding within the dunes. Duration of camel Safaris It's possible to travel on a fast camel safari and return the same day. However, most people value more highly to go deeper into the desert for a couple of days. several choose the long choice, that is smart because it will become monotonous otherwise (and you are probably to finish up with a sore bum).

This consists of riding the camel into the desert, look the sunset, having dinner, star gazing, waking up for sunrise, so riding back. Desert sunsets and sunrises are pretty darn spectacular! Longer choices, up to 30 days ar available for hardcore enthusiasts! you can get AN itinerary tailored to meet your needs. How Much Will it Cost? The price of camel safaris varies according to the route, normal of food and luxury provided. In Jaisalmer, rates begin from around one,000 rupees per person for an honorable sunset camel ride into the dunes and cultural program. Expect to pay 1,600 rupees upwards for a full-day (sunrise and sunset) camel safari package. Quality long camel safaris begin from around 1,900 rupees per person. However, this can increase to 3,500 rupees for top-of-the-range camping (or glamping!) facilities. Prices will be negotiated, so do not book something in advance. What to Expect Riding a camel will become surprisingly uncomfortable after a jiffy. many people complain of getting very sore legs and bums by the top of their journey. On the most basic safaris, you will be sleeping out under the celebs either on a camp bed or on the ground. There are not any bathrooms on these safaris. you'll need to travel wild! A lot of luxurious safaris have established camps with Swiss tents and attached toilets. When to Go The best time is during the cooler dry months, from September to March. once March, the desert becomes unbearably hot, so the monsoon season starts.

It doesn't rain a lot of although, and temperatures stay high. even-toed ungulate safaris usually depart early in the morning to permit far to be covered, and an appropriate camping spot to be found and set up, before dusk. What to require with You Bring something snug and cushioned to sit down on to form the journey less painful if you are going on a longer safari. Other useful things to bring include sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, toilet paper, flashlight, repellent, water bottle, toothbrush and toothpaste, bag liner and lots of heat covering as it will get cold in the desert at the hours of darkness. Do be aware that you simply will not be ready to bathe within the desert, therefore wet wipes will definitely are available in handy as well.

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