Essential things to do in Jaisalmer:- Some of the best kept secrets

Essential things to do in Jaisalmer:- Some of the best kept secrets


If you want to know more about the top secret places to visit in Jaisalmer then keep reading this post.

Rajasthan is a state full of hidden gems inside its desert. Not just the hidden gems but the world class heritage and Royal mesmerizing culture is also one of the reasons why people are attracted to this state.

There are many places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar but none of them is as mesmerizing and breath taking as Jaisalmer. The honey combed buildings and the ancient market will make you get lost in this beautiful city.

The promise of adventure in the sandcastle fort and the mystery of desert made Jaisalmer like its directly driven from the fairy tale. Join Desert camp in jaisalmer.

Here are the top essential things to do in Jaisalmer which are kept secret:-

  1. Start the adventure at Jaisalmer fort:-

Yeah! You heard it right. Jaisalmer fort has a lot more to give you then just a simple vibe of fort. Out of everything you do in Jaisalmer. Simply wondering around the fort would be the favourite thing you can do.

This fort has a lot to offer like the city temple, the cafes and market stalls, this fort is all in one pack. It’s a living fort and you will feel as the fort itself is a living village.

  1. Enjoying bird eye view of the golden city:- There are many advantages of having a fort at a certain height. One of the best advantage is the unimaginable view of from the fort. Jaisalmer fort is full of sunset points to take in the sights and most of the cafes and bars are set up for this purpose only.

If you don’t like fancy restaurants or having lunch or dinner inside the fort then you should definitely check out the big cannon viewpoints.

  1. Fade away the sadness and get lost in the ancient market streets:-

The fort will feel like boring after wondering for a certain period of time but don’t worry about this because the market has a lot more to offer you. You will find magic in every corner of the market.

From carpets to clothes and from shoes to antiques the fort has so much to offer. The street full of vendors and people roaming and shouting in marwadi accent will definitely take your shopping experience to a next level.

  1. Chilling out at Gadisar lake:-One of the best things to be done in Jaisalmer is to watch sunset at the coast of Gadisar Lake. The place itself is effortlessly crazy and beautifully as Jaisalmer.

Sunset is going to blew your mind with the changing of colour of sky. You can also enjoy boat riding at a very low price.

  1. Take a camel safari to the dues:-OK so no trip is complete without camel safari and the sunrise and sunset with camel safari &desert camp in Jaisalmer dues gives best experience. Pretty well every hotel or travel agent will book the safari at a negotiable price.

You should stay till night and enjoy sleeping outside the sky and real peace out of the world.


Conclusion:- There are many places which you should visit in Jaisalmer as the city is full of amazing experience and mesmerizing views but you should experience the real beauty of the city inside the old tradition and beautiful views. Take a Jaisalmer Tour Package and enjoy the trip.

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