Best Way For Reaching Jaisalmer From Other Cities

Best Way For Reaching Jaisalmer From Other Cities


Train for Jaisalmer from the capital of India
This article for travelers WHO area unit going to reach Jaisalmer via train from the capital of India and Ahmedabad.
As the nearest field from Jaisalmer is Jodhpur fieldthat is three hundred kilometers away, a train could be a quick and a lot of fascinating transportation choice for several.
Below we've shared a number of the foremost notable trains reach Jaisalmer from the capital of India and Ahmedabad.

1. capital of India to Jaisalmer Trains

the first train that leaves for Jaisalmer from Delhi is Ranikhet categorical.
Train one from Delhi – Ranikhet categorical (15014)

The first station of this train is Kathgodam depot that is in Haldwani, Uttarakhand wherever it leaves at 08:40 PM and reach {new delhi|New Delhi|Indian capital|capital of India|national capital} at Delhi Junction depot, conjointly referred to as Old Delhi depot by 03:55 AM.

The last station of this train is Jaisalmer, and it'll reach Jaisalmer by 11:15 PM. thus you wish to catch this train early morning by 3:55 AM and reach Jaisalmer, on a similar day at 11:15 PM.

In Ranikhet categoricalyou'll be able to book a berth (seat) in 2s (non-ac chair), sleeper, 3rd AC, 2d AC, and first-class AC. The fare for Ranikhet categorical is:

• Rs 235 for 2s berth.
• Rs 455 for sleeper berth.
• Rs 1235 for third AC.
• Rs 1790 for 2d AC.
• Rs 3050 for first AC.

Train two from Delhi – Howrah Jaisalmer categorical Route (12371)

Howrah-Jaisalmer categorical Route could be a weekly train, and you'll be able to solely catch it on a weekday from Delhi. HWH JSM EXP starts from Howrah Junction by 8:15 AM and reaches the capital of India next day, at Delhi Junction depot at 10:20 AM.

On a similar day (day 2) it'll reach Jaisalmer by night, at 11:40 PM. a complete twenty-nine stops and thirteen from the capital of Indiaaccessible category during this train is a sleeper, third AC and 2d AC. the worth of tickets from Delhi for this train are:

• Rs 425 for sleeper berth.
• Rs 1125 for third AC.
• Rs 1605 for 2d AC.

Train three from {delhi|Delhi|Old Delhi|city|metropolis|urban center} – Delhi Jaisalmer categorical (14659)

Delhi-Jaisalmer categorical is out and awaythe foremost notable trains among travelers going to reach Jaisalmer by train. This train starts from {old delhi|Delhi|Old {delhi|Delhi|Old Delhi|city|metropolis|urban center}|city|metropolis|urban center} depot and conjointly stops at Delhi Sarai Rohilla and Delhi Cantt depot.

You can catch this train at Old Delhi depot by 5:35 PM and it'll reach Jaisalmer next day at 11:40 AM.
A total of thirty-eight stops area unit on this route, and you'll be able to book a berth in a very sleeper, 3rd AC, 2dAC and first AC classvalue for these categories are:

• Rs 440 for sleeper berth.
• Rs 1195 for third AC.
• Rs 1730 for 2d AC.
• Rs 2940 for first AC.

It is suggested to book a price tag, a month before of your travel dates as their area unit solely these tree trains accessible from Delhi.
That’s all for travelers going to reach Jaisalmer from Delhipresently we’ll add train details from cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

2. Train For Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer

The only train that you'll be able to catch from Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer is:

1. 22931 Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer categorical

This train begins from Bandra Terminus at 2:35 pm and reach:

• Surat at 6:10 pm
• Ahmedabad Junction by 10:05 pm and leave by 10:25 pm

This train reaches Jaisalmer on the next day at 12:50 pm. thus it’s a fourteen-hour twenty-five minutes journey from Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer.
As there's only 1 direct train from Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer, thus we have a tendency to conjointly counsel associate in Nursing reproductive structure choice wherever you initially reach Jodhpur, that is 290 kilometer from Jaisalmer, and later cowl this distance in a very taxi or bus in five hours.
Plus, little doubt that the simplest thanks to getting pleasure from a Jaisalmer vacation trip is by adding a 1-day tour of Jodhpur.

Suggested trains from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur are:

2. 14708 Ranakpur categorical

Ranakpur categorical begin from Bandra Terminus (Mumbai) at 3:05 pm and reach Surat at 7:20 pm.
By 11:55 pm, this train reach Ahmedabad Junction and leave by 12:15 am.
And you'll reach Jodhpur Junction by 9:35 am the next day.
A total of nine-hour twenty minutes journey.

3. 19223 ADI someone categorical

This train begins from Ahmedabad Junction at 11:20 am and reach Jodhpur Junction by 7:50 pm.
A total of eight-hour half-hour journey.

4. 12480 Suryanagri categorical

This leave begins from Bandra Terminus Mumbai at 1:30 pm and reaches Surat at 5:22 pm.
Later this train reaches Ahmedabad Junction at 9:15 pm and leaves by 9:35 pm.
And finally, it arrive at Jodhpur Junction at 6:30 am. a complete of nine-hour five minute journey from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur.

5. 22474 BDTS BKN Super categorical

And finally, we advise 22474 Bandra Bikaner Super categoricalthat begins from Bandra Terminus at 2:35 pm and reach Surat at 6:19 pm.
By 10:25 pm, this train reach Ahmedabad town and leave by 10:25 pm, and reach Jodhpur town next day at 7:15 am.
A total of eight hours fifty minutes journey.

1. Trains from Bombay to Jaisalmer


Station (origin)

Reach Jaisalmer

22931 Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer Express

2:35 pm at Bandra

12:50 pm next day at Jaisalmer

14708 Ranakpur Express

3:05 pm at Bandra

09:35 am next day at Jodhpur

12480 Suryanagari Express

3:30 pm at Bandra

06:30 am next day at Jodhpur

2. Flights from Bombay to Jaisalmer

There is no flight to Jaisalmer from Bombaythus to succeed in at Jaisalmer fieldyou wish to book a Bombay to Jaipur that arrives at Jaipur before one pm & then from Jaipur, you'll catch Spicejet 3:25 pm flight for Jaisalmer.
But the higher choice is going to be to induce a flight until Jodhpur & then rent a cab from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, that could be a 4-5 hour drive.

Flights from Bombay to Jodhpur are:

Air Asian nation AI-645
• Departure: 09:35 AM from Bombay
• Arrival: 11:20 am at Jodhpur
Jet Airways 9W-412
• Departure: 11:45 AM from Bombay
• Arrival: 01:25 am at Jodhpur
Return flight: Air Asian nation AI-646
• Departure: 11:45 pm from Jodhpur
• Arrival: 01:45 pm at Bombay
Return flight: Jet Airways 9W-413
• Departure: 01:55 pm from Jodhpur
• Arrival: 03:50 pm at Bombay

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